Top Industries That Use Industrial Ink

When you think of printers, the first thing that comes to mind is the desktop printer on your desktop. You also think of the large cubicles with the printer churning out printouts for tasks that you need urgently. Industrial printers are different. These printers make marks on more than just paper, and this is what we look at today.

Poultry and Egg Industry

If you look at the stamps on the eggs or egg cartons you buy you notice that it is clear and the markings are clear. The ink that is used on these items is food grade ink and needs to have certain features in order to function properly. You cant just use any ink on food items, the ink you choose needs to be smear resistant and compatible with the surface of the food itself.

The printed information is ideal for tracking of the items and for inventory purposes.


When it comes to medical printing tasks, you need the ink that has several properties. The medical field requires ink that is alcohol resistant and that adheres to surfaces faster and harder. The ink should be able to stick on items such as rubber tubing, X-ray films and IV bags.


The aerospace industry makes use of industrial printers in various ways. The industry is slightly different from other processes, but mainly the reprinting is on plastic and metallic surfaces. The ink that is used in this industry ought to have a strong adhesion characteristic and be heat resistant.

Lumber Industry

This is a surprising inclusion, but which also makes use of these industrial printers. The kind of ink that is used needs to hold on to wood, which might seem simple at first though it is complicated and not easy. Have you ever tried writing on wood? If you have, you know how hard it can be.

Certain kinds of inks are required for this purpose; the good thing is that there is an industrial printer out there that can fulfil this purpose.

Automotive Industry

When it comes to the automotive industry, printing is vital to label the various parts and also come up with labels for different parts. The ink you choose should be able to adhere to rubber, metal and glass.

What Do We Learn from This?

These industries tell us about the different things that happen in industries. For instance, we find out that each industry has different needs when it comes to their unique printing needs. Depending on the products that you offer, you need to pick the right ink for the process. You need to work with a reputable company, such as Needham Ink, that offers a wide range of industrial ink for different uses.

In Conclusion

The need for industrial printing is growing each day, with many companies opting to have an in-house wide format printer for the purpose. Each industry has various needs when it comes to printing, and this makes them look for the best printer for the job. Don’t overlook the ink as it makes everything legible.