Tips to Starting Your Own Retro Gaming Collection

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Tips to Starting Your Own Retro Gaming Collection

Are you a gamer who’s missing the appeal of retro gaming systems? Remember good old Nintendo and Saga? Have modern games lost their excitement to you because of how predictable they’ve become? Despite the fact that modern technology has helped us make leaps and bounds in gaming, there are some people who’ve developed a hobby of playing retro games. Did you know that that was even a thing? Aside from it being a hobby, did you know that video games can be good for you?

If this interests you, this article will help guide you on what you need to start your own retro gaming collection. In addition to the tips mentioned in the guide below, you can find reviews of the best retro gaming systems at Retro Pool.

Avoid 16-Bit or Older Consoles for Sega and Nintendo

Most people often always want to start their gaming collection with a MegaDrive or SNES, and their corresponding consoles. If you were thinking along the same lines, then it is important for you to know that that option would be a very expensive one. The Sega MegaDrive is the better option between the two because it is cheaper. However, it still remains costly as compared to other available options on the market. For this reason, you are advised against choosing a 16-bit console and recommended to choose a 5th or 6th generation console instead.

With the older consoles, it is cheaper to get the hardware and games, and you could easily find them readily available on the market. Examples of 5th generation games include Nintendo 64, Amiga CD32, Sega Saturn, 3DO, and PlayStation. Examples of the 6th generation games include PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube.

Looking at the examples of the 5th and 6th generation, you can already see how you can get good enough options for a gaming system. This means that you can build a relatively decent-sized retro gaming system in a short period of time.

Make Use of Facebook Market Groups

If you are not already on this giant social media platform called Facebook, you need to sign up soon. Join groups geared towards retro gaming and you’ll find that some of these groups are public, while others are private. Once you’re approved to join the groups you will be part of a community of likeminded individuals such as yourself. Better yet, you can also join market groups on Facebook that focus on retro gaming systems. Market groups work where someone posts an item they are selling and if you are interested in it, you comment on the post, or inbox the seller, if that option is available. You’d be surprised at the great finds you can get online.

Visit Local Car Boot or Yard Sales

This may seem obvious but it is still a necessary option. People are always looking to get rid of unwanted or unused stuff they have lying around the house, including old video games or consoles. This option is great if you have just started out building your retro gaming collection. Later, once your collection is sizeable, you’ll find that you’ve easily outgrown this option.

Befriend Employees at Local Video Game Stores

Having a friend who works at a local video game store does have its perks. One is that you will always get first-hand info on when a retro game is available for purchase. That friend can also give you tips on when the next sale will be on. Furthermore, if you’ve been looking around for a particular game with no luck, your friend at the video store can always be on the lookout for you, and let you know when that particular game is next available.

Visit Gaming Events Near You

Form a habit of visiting gaming events happening near you. This is because, most of these events also include retro games and with luck, you can find a retro game you’ve been long looking for. It is also a great place to socialize and play games with other like-minded individuals like yourself.

Armed with the great tips offered in this guide, you are well on your way to building the retro gaming collection of your dreams.


Tips for Success in the Master’s Degree

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So have just completed your undergraduate program and want to take it a notch higher and join graduate school? It sounds like a good idea to follow your dreams and get the life you desire. It is a fact that many people start this journey but quit halfway never to be seen again. On the other hand, there are those who get a swift ride and start enjoying the benefits sooner than later. This article is for you if you want to succeed in this journey. The following are the perfect tips on how to succeedin your master’s program

Establish a network

Life can be tough at the graduate school depending on your specific stage that you are in life. You could be learning with older people, others with experience and others younger than you. Create a support team where you have a mutual relationship and help each other on this journey. There are some instances where you may handle tasks as groups depending on your program. It is good when you work with people who already understand you and want only the best out of you. The network that you create here can also be helpful even after you are through with your master’s.

Exercise effective time management

In graduate school, you will meet students from all spheres of life. You thus need to know where you stand and plan your time accordingly. If you are working and at the same time attending classes, you need to know how to establish a balance between the two. The same will apply if you have a family that needs your attention. Check the time at your disposal before you enroll for this program and evaluate whether it will be possible to balance your life in all aspects.

Dedicate time for your thesis

There is classwork and thesis when it comes to a master’s program. Many people complete their classwork but never get the chance to graduate because they fail at the thesis level. Writing a thesis is not that easy but still achievable if you have a work plan. The first thing you need is to come up with a research topic. Your supervisor will then go through it, approve or offer recommendations on the areas that need improvement. Once you are given the green light to proceed, you mustgive its best. You do not have to worry because you can have a look at some tips that assure you success.

Work with milestones

One of the biggest mistakes that most students do is wait for deadlines to start working on assignments. It thus means that you will always be under pressure and it is difficult to give your work the best. You can set milestones and make your work easier. For instance, if you have a project to submit in two weeks. You can dedicate the first two days for researching, the next week for the draft project and the other two days for the finaldraft. Such an approach ensures that you understand everything and get time to rectify your mistakes.

Work with a diary

The activities during your stay at graduate school can be overwhelming. You have to remain organized,and you can only achieve this if you develop a system that works for you. Graduate work is more of application of what you learn,unlike undergraduate which sometimes focuses on understanding. You can take advantage of free planning apps that are available on the internet. Such an approach ensures that you never miss a deadline and know what to do and at what time.

Keep in touch with your supervisors

Being in graduate school indicates that you know your career path. You thus need to understand the role of those assigned to you. They are there to see you through the entire program and thus keeping in touch with them will not hurt. Feel free to consult them whenever you need assistance. If you need to schedule a meeting with them, communicate the agenda in advance.

Working towards your master’s does not have to be hard if you follow the above tips. Trust in yourself and work hard towards your goals.


Just Moved? Here’s How to Get Cheap or Free Internet?

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Just Moved- Here’s How to Get Cheap or Free Internet

Picture this – You’ve got a new job in Blackpool, and you must move as soon as possible. It’s an exciting opportunity that you don’t want to miss. So, you pack your stuff and head to your new residence.

There is a slight problem though. You’re on a budget already but want a reliable internet connection without leaving a hole in your wallet.

But wait, shouldn’t Wi-Fi be free for everyone by now? With the increased connectivity, you can only hope for more competitive internet rates.

However, depending on your internet usage, that is not always the case, and you may be forced to fork a substantial amount of money just to get online. Fortunately, you can cut down your internet cost by applying the money saving tips outlined below.

Get Internet Connection Through Your Cable Company

You may not know it, but if you get your internet connection from your cable company, you may have access to thousands of hotspots you’ve not even heard of. All you need to do is to check your provider’s website for available hotspots in your area or if the provider has a mobile app, download it to enable you to find hotspots quickly.

Some of the cable companies that allow users to access their hotspots without extra charge include O2 WiFi, Cox, McDonald’s UK, The Cloud, and Boingo. If you have been mulling over changing your cable company, perhaps it’s time to do it!

Participate in Low-Cost High-Speed Internet Services

If you are a low-income earner and reside in a participating area, you may consider enrolling in a program that offers low-cost, high-speed internet services. One such program that is available is the TalkTalk Faster Fibre Speed Boost program that costs £22 per month. The program provides high-speed DSL internet service for £10 a month for the first year and $£22 every month after that.

In some countries such as the United States, you must prove that you’re receiving certain types of government benefits such as Medicaid, Food stamps, home energy assistance or that your household income is below 135,150 dollars, and 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify for low-cost internet program. Some of the plans available in the US include Connect2compete and Internet Essentials.

Subscribe for a Data Plan Through Your Cell Phone Provider

In this era of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you are better off if you subscribe to an internet data plan with your mobile provider. Even better, you can combine your cell phone plan and data plan. Verizon, for instance, charges between $50 to $100 per month for cell phone and data plan based on the amount of data you use every month.

If checking your emails and social media accounts through your phone does not sound like your cup of coffee, you can choose data plans for other devices such as laptops and tablets.

Lock Your Internet Usage to Free Wi-Fi Locations

Finding free Wi-Fi locations can be time-consuming unless you are a student. However, you can always get free internet access in public libraries, a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and even some bars. If you have a wireless-enabled phone, tablet or laptop, you can use sites such as Wi-Fi FreeSpot to search for free Wi-Fi locations based on your area as well.

The Bottom Line

The internet is fast becoming a necessity.  There are smartphones everywhere. Besides, you can now subscribe to streaming TV services as long as you have a stable internet connection. Even then, you don’t have to burn through your budget to get connected to the internet.

Start by looking at the available local services that offer free or affordable internet. Of course, you have to select a program whose charges are in line with your estimates. Consider paying an annual subscription – it is always cheaper.

You can also opt to visit Wi-Fi spots in your local area. The only problem with this approach is that you have to know when there isn’t a lot of human traffic. In most cases, you’re better off visiting a hotspot in the morning or late into the night especially if it is a restaurant or a place open to the public.


How to Personalize your Wedding

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It’s your wedding day. You’re about to say “I do” to the love of your life. Of course, you’re super-excited! After all, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for all your life. Indeed, you’ve done everything you could to make the day one to remember.  You even visited TheWeddingSinger! James Barlow, your designated singer, is ready to rock the crowd.  Apart from the entertainment part, here is a rundown of other ways to have a tailor-made experience at your wedding.

The Entrance

Sure, you can view a few videos on YouTube to get ideas of how a unique entrance should look like. However, it is your day so you can do it however you please. You can, for instance, decide to march from opposite corners of the park and meet in the middle before going on with your procession. Discuss with your planner on the best way to arrange your entrance so that it works for your needs and venue.

The Seating

You don’t have to stick to the traditional way of arranging seats. Again, you can configure the seating whichever way you want as long it suits your style and that of your guests. Who said, for example, that you can’t mingle with your guest? Or, you can have the people in attendance surround you with their seats as you take the vows. Now, that’s genius, isn’t it?

The Vows

Customizing your vows is one of the best ways to personalize your big day. You can move away from the traditional “I do” vows and tell your tale. You may, for example, narrate your courtship days and so on. The only thing to remember here is that both the bride and bridegroom must be aware of the vows and the details. Indeed, you don’t want to surprise your spouse with customized vows that he or she is not aware of. Better still, you can sing a song that both of you love.

The Dressing

You don’t have to stick to the conventional mode of dressing. You can shove the suit and gown to dress in a way that you like. Changing the dressing makes perfect sense if you have cultural attire with a specific meaning. Even then, choose something that the guests can understand. Or, try to point out why you decided to dress the way you did for the sake of those who may not know the cultural implication.

The Invitation

Design your invitation cards with a special message to make your guests feel special. Indeed, you want everyone invited to attend, and there is no better way to do so than to craft a phrase addressing the invitees directly. Don’t forget to include direction to your venue for those who may not be familiar with the area.

The Bottom Line

The more you make your wedding personal, the easier it is to make the day memorable. Be sure to include the help of your wedding committee to come up with unique ideas. Don’t be afraid to go out of the norm if that’s what it takes to personalize your day.


Tips to Increase Office Productivity

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You want the make most out of your workday, don’t you?  As an employer, you want your workers to do the best they can too. These tips will set the ball rolling in the right direction.

Invest in Good ID Badges

It makes perfect sense to ensure that your employees have ID cards or badges. For starters, it allows you to know who should be in which workstation especially if you’re running a busy business.  Other than that, it encourages punctuality not to mention personal responsibility within your workforce. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you hire a reputable, experienced company to design and make the badges for you. On that note visit to read more about EasyIDCard and how they can help you in regards to job ID cards and badges.

Encourage Your Workers to Streamline Their Space

Working in a crowded office is hard. You should, therefore, teach your workers the importance of organizing their workstations. Indeed a clutter-free environment enables you to think clearly, thereby improving results and overall productivity. Besides, it reduces the time you have to spend searching for items.

Add Pops of Color Into Your Office

Be mindful of the colors in your office. Avoid dull colors because they may affect your worker’s mood negatively. Whenever possible, go with something warm such as blue to create a feeling of calmness. That way, your employees can focus on tasks better. Red is a brilliant color too in an environment that requires undivided attention to the detail and accuracy. On top of that, it helps to place plants at different corners of your office. Repeated studies show that people working in an environment with plants tend to be more productive and less stressed.

Beautify Your Workspace

Apart from plants and color, you may also consider personalizing your workspace. The idea is to create a relaxed and comfortable ambiance that can increase productivity. You may, for instance, add important career memorabilia such as certificates and trophies. Decorative items that bring the feel of success and appreciation can do the trick as well.

Organize Your Tasks

One of the easiest ways to maximize your output in a workday is to have a schedule. Start by getting the most dreaded chore out of the way. That way, you can do everything else correctly because you don’t have the pressure to complete a task you don’t necessarily like. Don’t wait until the last minute to accomplish a task. By getting not-so-enjoyable activities out of your plate, you will make your day less daunting and less stressing.

Delegate Other Tasks

You will accomplish much more if you learn the art of delegating. Plus, allowing others to do some tasks enables you to create a team, and that can work on anything to your satisfaction. Moreover, outsourcing low priority tasks will let you get the time you need to focus on other strategies to grow your business. In conclusion, cut the time you spend on social media and any other forms of distraction.


Tips to Nail Your Wedding Anniversary

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Your wedding anniversary is just as important as the day you tied the knot – even though it has fewer guests attending the event compared to the wedding. You need to take great care to make it stand out. Today we look at the tips that you can use to make the wedding anniversary a great event.

Know Why You Are Celebrating

Before you can do anything, you need to understand why you are holding an anniversary celebration in the first place. Are you celebrating your first, fifth or 20th anniversary? This is because each celebration comes with its special meaning to the couple.

The first anniversary is all about celebrating the first milestone – making it 1 year in marriage. It is also about encouraging each other to continue holding on to make it to another great year in marriage.

Come Up With a Budget

You need to estimate the amount you plan to use for the anniversary celebration. The celebration can be comprised of a few people, say 5, or hundreds of guests – it all depends on what you want and the budget that you have. Normally, anniversary celebrations are a quieter affair compared to wedding ceremonies.

The budget should cover everything right from getting a venue to food to the dress you will wear. Make sure every guest’s needs are catered for.

To get an effective budget, it is advisable to determine the number of people that will attend the ceremony then match your budget to their needs. Failure to estimate the number of guests can end up with excess food or less food for you and the guests.

Find a Venue

Just like at the wedding, you need to have a venue for the wedding anniversary. This is where you handle all the operations of the wedding and host your guests. You can decide to hold the anniversary at the same venue where you had the wedding, to relive the memories again.

Before you can choose a venue, you need to have a theme and stick to it when decorating the place. Check out BlueBendPhotographers for an idea of the best wedding anniversary venue.

The venue needs to be accessible to all your guests, and have enough space for everyone. Take time to check it out before you make the ultimate decision of picking it.

Make sure you book the venue in advance. Many weddings are being planned, and such venues are in high demand. Select the venue a few weeks to the date and book it so that it is reserved for that day. The good thing is that anniversaries aren’t a full-blown affair such as the wedding, so you might not have to spend a lot on the venue; you pay for just a few hours.

Get Some Music

An anniversary is a lively affair, and it is all about celebrating a milestone in the life of the couple. This is why you need to make it lively as well. Take time to come up with a playlist that you can relate to as a couple. You can get a DJ or a live music band to play the songs for you. When this happens, it is vital that you book the musician in advance.

Communicate in Advance

Humans are busy, and most of the time they don’t have the time to come and sit for hours on end unless you communicate early. Communicating in advance makes it possible for your guests to set aside the time so that they can grace your occasion.

You can send emails a few weeks before the anniversaries, followed by invitation cards, then send text messages a few days to the event. Let the guests confirm their presence on that day so that you can know the number to expect for your function.

Anniversaries are usually an affair that involves close family members and a few friends, so make sure they know what you are planning and when they need to be there. You can suggest a dress code for the day to make it more interesting.

The Bottom-line

Planning and executing a wedding anniversary successfully requires you to follow a few proven tips that have been discussed in this article.


Top Industries That Use Industrial Ink

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When you think of printers, the first thing that comes to mind is the desktop printer on your desktop. You also think of the large cubicles with the printer churning out printouts for tasks that you need urgently. Industrial printers are different. These printers make marks on more than just paper, and this is what we look at today.

Poultry and Egg Industry

If you look at the stamps on the eggs or egg cartons you buy you notice that it is clear and the markings are clear. The ink that is used on these items is food grade ink and needs to have certain features in order to function properly. You cant just use any ink on food items, the ink you choose needs to be smear resistant and compatible with the surface of the food itself.

The printed information is ideal for tracking of the items and for inventory purposes.


When it comes to medical printing tasks, you need the ink that has several properties. The medical field requires ink that is alcohol resistant and that adheres to surfaces faster and harder. The ink should be able to stick on items such as rubber tubing, X-ray films and IV bags.


The aerospace industry makes use of industrial printers in various ways. The industry is slightly different from other processes, but mainly the reprinting is on plastic and metallic surfaces. The ink that is used in this industry ought to have a strong adhesion characteristic and be heat resistant.

Lumber Industry

This is a surprising inclusion, but which also makes use of these industrial printers. The kind of ink that is used needs to hold on to wood, which might seem simple at first though it is complicated and not easy. Have you ever tried writing on wood? If you have, you know how hard it can be.

Certain kinds of inks are required for this purpose; the good thing is that there is an industrial printer out there that can fulfil this purpose.

Automotive Industry

When it comes to the automotive industry, printing is vital to label the various parts and also come up with labels for different parts. The ink you choose should be able to adhere to rubber, metal and glass.

What Do We Learn from This?

These industries tell us about the different things that happen in industries. For instance, we find out that each industry has different needs when it comes to their unique printing needs. Depending on the products that you offer, you need to pick the right ink for the process. You need to work with a reputable company, such as Needham Ink, that offers a wide range of industrial ink for different uses.

In Conclusion

The need for industrial printing is growing each day, with many companies opting to have an in-house wide format printer for the purpose. Each industry has various needs when it comes to printing, and this makes them look for the best printer for the job. Don’t overlook the ink as it makes everything legible.


Perfume Perfection: A Whiff For Your Nose

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Since the dawn of time, men and women have been disguising or enhancing their natural scent with different types of perfume. Over the years, perfume has also been used to improve the odor of animals, food, living areas, and other items. The familiar glass bottles containing different pleasant-smelling liquids have become traditional gifts between spouses and status symbols among the elite. These little bottles represent so much more than scent. Plenty of time is spent on doing hair, finding outfits to wear, or choosing accessories to fit your fashions, but it is just as important to apply a fine aroma on yourself that captures your personality and delights the senses.

Perfume’s Past

From the Latin term per fumare, meaning “through smoke”, perfume has been adding that extra spice to daily life for thousands of years. Perfume’s initial fragrances were a blend of animal or plant products and contained rich oils. In ancient times, perfumes consisted of herbs and spices like flowers, almonds, and myrrh to name a few. A female Mesopotamian perfume maker by the name of Tapputiis considered to be the first recorded chemist in the world, dating back to tablets found from 1200 BC. As overseer of the Mesopotamian Royal Palace, Tapputi was an influential figure and passed along her methods and techniques for scent extraction and solvent use.

Another early adopter of the joy of perfume was the Indus civilization in India. Ancient Hindu texts describe the distillation of an essential oil called ittar, and a terracotta distillation setup discovered in the Indus valley was found to date back to 3000 BC. Archeologists continue to find confirmation of perfume’s usage all over the ancient world, with the planet’s most aged surviving perfumes discovered in Pyrgos on the island of Cyprus. They were unearthed in a huge, ancient perfumery factory that operated on an industrial scale over 4000 years ago, containing around 60 stills, perfume bottles, mixing bowls, and funnels. Perfume was further refined by Islamic cultures, as it was used in religious practices with the spread of Islam through the Middle East. As a result of trade and returning crusaders, knowledge of perfumery reached Europe and eventually the entire Western world.

The Art of Perfume

Perfume is a profound and complicated art. Although the search for the right perfume can be a challenge, it is worth the effort because Your Scent is Your Signature. Finding the right perfume isn’t about visiting the perfume counter. It is about searching and discovering the scent that appeals most to you. The hunt may take a day, weeks, months, or even years until you find the one that fits your desire and matches your personality anytime of the season. Perfume is unique to everyone in the way they wear it and why. You may decide to wear perfume when trying to impress others, to make yourself feel pampered, or even simply to cover your natural aroma when you wake up late for work without any time to shower.

Perfume Points

Regardless of the reason you chose it, wear your favorite scent proudly. The effect that perfume can have on all senses is truly remarkable. Here are a few facts about perfume to waft through your brain next time you’re spraying your preferred aroma.

  • Overall Mood Enhancer. Perfume’s precise smells can get you into any mood. Choosing the perfume you want to wear on a particular occasion reflects your current disposition and indicates the attitude you want to portray. Wearing a perfume that gives that impression will help you achieve that mood faster. All it takes is just a quick splash to get it going.
  • Moisturizing Lotion. It is better to apply moisturizing lotion before spraying perfumes, so go ahead and use your favorite lotion. Perfume adheres better when skin is hydrated and moisturized, holding the fragrance in longer.
  • Get More Out. Expand the whiff of your perfume and get more out of your bottle with this handy suggestion. Rather than spraying all over your body, only apply the perfume on your pulse points. This is where blood vessels are adjacent to the skin, diffusing heat and benefitting the longevity of your fragrance. You can make the bottle last longer if you spray on your inner elbows and the base of your neck.
  • Different Scents for Different Folks. The exact same perfume can smell different on others than on you. When perfume is mixed with your skin, the scent is altered compared to another individual. This is because of factors such as the environment, body chemistry, your sweat, and even your diet.

There are plenty of scents and many options to choose from when it comes to perfume. There are perfumes for every situation you can imagine – from work to romancing – that will boost your personal warmth and self-confidence. If you’re feeling intimate and going on a date or a romantic walk, there are so many blends available including spring waters, flowers, fruits, sweet coffee, vanilla, and even spicy or sweet. The perfect perfume is guaranteed to enlighten a memory or a particular feeling when you bring the appropriate smell to your senses.


High-Resolution Ink Jet Printers

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Many companies wish to stop using labels on outer case coding and print directly onto the cases. This is done with a high-resolution printer. There are many options available when considering purchasing a printing system. When thinking about purchasing a high-resolution laser printer it is important to consider the benefits it will have compared to other types of printing systems available on the market. There are many benefits to having this printer. Selecting a high-resolution printer as a coding solution should offer simplicity, reliability and consistency.

These are the main benefits of high-resolution inkjet printers:

Low cost of operation

The initial investment of purchasing a laser printer may be expensive. However, the operation costs are low. This is because the machine does not require consumables and can help to reduce inventory scrap and waste by using the inkjet codes to cases and cartons which eliminates the need for preprinted boxes and labels.  It is an ideal choice for permanently marking. The printer will etch codes onto the selected material.

Therefore it is a cost-saving alternative to preprinted labels or boxes.

It is a non-contact process to print the information on the selected materials. This means there are less wear and tear on the machine.  The machines are robust and built to last with a long operation lifespan. This means the machine can operate for many hours without the need of constant service, again saving you money. 

Flexible use

Print heads offer in a number of sizes to meet a vanity of printing applications. The print head design makes this coding and marking system ideal for industrial applications. The system is common in the pharmaceutical, food, wood, paper and packaging industries.

High-resolution industrial inkjet printers offer a flexible printing solution for marking on corrugated porous substrates. They can be used to print alphanumeric code barcodes and logos.

High productivity:

These printers can add barcodes and lines of text at high speed. This will depend on the text size and length along with the type of substrate being printed on.

Easy to operate:

These printers are very easy to use. The printers interface can enable the printing of auto codes such as the date and time. The printer can easily be connected and integrated to existing systems.

As you can see there are many benefits of purchasing a high-resolution laser printer.


Getting Ready to Camp During Hunting Season

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Getting Ready to Camp During Hunting Season

Hunting season is upon us, and that means you need to gather your things and get ready for your trip into the field! Many people like to camp where they hunt (or rather, nearby), so you might be putting together a list of things you’ll need to have on hand. Some of these items are a necessity, while some will just add to your comfort. So, let’s look at a list of things to help you organize yourself this year!

Sleeping Gear

If you plan on camping while hunting, you’ll want to have a tent. The size of tent you purchase will depend on your needs. Are you sleeping alone? Will you have a partner or spouse? Are you bringing dogs? The answers to these questions will help you decide how big of a tent you’ll need. You can also check out to look at several styles of tents. Some tents are standard, some come with additional rooms, and some are even ‘extreme’ for the roughest terrain.

A high-quality sleeping bag will ensure your overnight comfort. Some sleeping bags come with the addition of a hood, so you can snug your head in while you sleep. This helps your body retain precious heat during the night, as most body heat escapes from the head. Some extreme sleeping bags are even rated for dangerously low ambient temperatures.

Food Storage

You’ll be bringing food along, of course, so you’ll need a secure place to store it. To keep food cold, you’ll want to have a cooler and ice. Since you are going to be in the woods, a locking container is ideal to keep wildlife away from your food. You might also want a locking box to secure non-perishable food products. If you have dogs with you, you’ll want to secure their food as well; wild critters will love to raid your dog food cache.

There are also tripods available so that you can hang your food above ground, keeping it away from animals when you’re not at camp.


While camping, you’ll probably need a campfire. So, bringing along an ax and/or wood saw is always an excellent idea. You’ll be able to hack away at small, dead branches and undergrowth, or saw larger pieces of wood into usable sections. You might also consider a metal grate, like what you find on an outdoor grill, to place over your fire so you can cook. A couple cast iron pots and skillets will allow you to prepare your food.

You’ll also want, at minimum, a sturdy hunting knife. If you plan to field dress or process anything before taking it home, you might decide to bring along a special kit for that. This kit might include a filet knife, a bone saw, rib spreader, and gut hook. For processing, you’ll also need containers like zipper bags to put your meat in to store it.

A shovel is also a useful tool when camping. They are available in small, folding varieties that don’t take up much space, and can be used for a variety of tasks.


Hunting season, in most locations, begins when it’s colder outside, so you’ll want to make sure you bring appropriate clothing. This might include a heavy winter coat, a medium weight jacket (you can always double them up if it gets too cold), and a pair of winter overalls to cover your pants or jeans. Thick gloves and hats are also appropriate, and you might want to add a scarf or a full-face mask and hat combo, especially if you’re going to a location prone to high winds.

Heavy socks and water-resistant boots are a must. You should plan to take double the pairs of socks you think you’ll need. In other words, if you’re going camping for three days, you should have at least six pairs of socks. That way, you’ll have dry socks to put on if you step through the ground or ice and get wet. Two pairs of boots would also be prudent.

In many locations, especially during firearms season, bright orange clothing is required when you’re in the field. This can be a coat, a vest with reflective tape, or an orange hat. Consult the regulations for the area you’ll be visiting to make sure you know what’s required.


Since you’re out hunting, you’ll want to bring along your preferred weapon. If you’re bow hunting, you’ll have to add your arrows and a spare string (if using a recurve bow). When hunting with a firearm, remember to bring your ammunition. And most importantly, bring your hunting license and make sure you always have your state-issued I.D. or driver’s license with you.

If you’re using a firearm, you might want to bring along a small cleaning kit. This way, if you’re outside in rain or you shoot your weapon, you can clean it in camp before going out again.

Getting ready for camping while hunting doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Using this handy guide, you’ll remember to bring along all the basics that will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable time in the outdoors.