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What Nutritionists Eat When on Holiday

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If you are cautious about what you eat, you certainly know that a holiday can interfere with your healthy eating schedule. Whether you are taking a break for a week or getting to know a new city, counting the number of calories you consume every day does not sound exciting more so if you are having a good time.

However, eating healthy when on vacation is not as daunting as it sounds. Here’s a brief of what nutrition experts eat while on holiday in a bid to help you stay healthy the next time you take a vacation.

They Eat Desserts

You may think that nutritionists are skimping on fun foods when on holiday. That is not necessarily the case.  While a nutritionist will undoubtedly go out of their way to eat healthily when on vacation, they also get indulgent too. Thus, they say nothing is wrong in sampling a key lime pie when touring Florida or a pina colada when in a tropical setting or even clam chowder when visiting the Northeast.

They Do Some CBD Oil

Yes, CBD oil is the “in-thing” right now, and nutritionists love it when vacationing. For starters, the oil has an assortment of health benefits from reducing panic attacks to relieving pain and others that you didn’t know. It is not surprising, therefore that the oil features high on the list of nutritionists during a holiday.

They Eat Lots of Vegetables

Eating vegetables and fruits is paramount if you are serious about healthy eating. Nutrition experts ensure that their diets are full of fruits and vegetable even when holidaying. While it may difficult getting fresh fruits straight from the garden, they go for the pre-washed, ready to eat, pre-cut fruits found in supermarkets.

They Eat One Big Meal Once Every Day

According to nutrition experts, easing up on portion control when on holiday is not bad. However, it is imperative that you eat at least one huge meal every day. Nutritionists eat one big lunch or dinner and will take nuts or granola bar snacks for the rest of the day. Eat mixed walnuts, almonds, pecans or pistachios when on vacation, nutritionists’ advice.

They Sample Healthy New Things

Touring a new holiday destination means sampling what the local cuisine has to offer. Just like every one of us, nutritionists try new foods too when holiday, but in a smart way. They find the best restaurants, farmers market and local fares that offer healthy eating options. The best places to eat include restaurants that offer healthy options such as salads, locally grown fruits, and vegetables or fish.

They Make Smart Alcohol Choices

It is always tempting to drink a little more beer when on vacation. While there is nothing wrong with this, you need to make sure that you make a smart choice of beer, just like what nutritionist do. “Do not budge on your alcohol choice,” says Dawn Jackson, the author of Flexitarian Diet. “Drink light beers with lime or club soda instead of high tropical drinks,” she says.

Taking a vacation does not mean compromising your healthy eating habits. Go the nutritionists’ way, and you will always remain healthy while having fun at the same time.