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Cool Chairs for your Kids

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If you have children, you’ll know how hard it is to begin the process of trying to figure out what the best products are out there for your little ones. It begins with nappies and wet wipes and carries on through bassinets, changing tables, car capsules, carseats, cots, cribs, high chairs and, eventually, toddler chairs. It seems like every woman and her newborn are trying to start up a business around infant and child products, so it can be so easy to feel bogged down by the incredible range out there to choose from. How are you to know which capsule is going to best suit your car, and last your baby for as long as you can make it? How do you know which nappies are going to be safe, economical and gentle against your baby’s skin? How do you decide which chair you buy for your toddler so that they can enjoy hours of reading, sleeping, and smearing food all over that brand new upholstery? The internet is washed out.

Luckily, there’s xlargestuff. Xlargestuff is a review website, which has done all the hard work for you, tirelessly researching and compiling facts and figures to come to a successful conclusion in narrowing down their long list to just five – five cool chairs for toddlers that are great value for money, and the best of their kind out there. Each toddler chair features its own list of pros and cons – compiled from facts and not personal bias – with a link taking you to the best price you will get for it. Let’s have a look at some of the chairs they are recommending so that all you have to do is convince your toddler to sit in it.

The first chair they recommend is the Keet “Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair” in Gingham (cotton). Its best price is $49.88 on Amazon, which isn’t a bad start. It is made from solid wood which, coupled with density foam, makes for a sturdy and long lasting chair. It gently rocks allowing a fun and relaxing experience for your toddler. It is available in five different colours – brown, navy, pink, lavender and green making it easy for you to fit it in with your child’s bedroom decor. Xlargestuff lists its advantages as being durable and comfortable with rocker legs providing a soft rock. The one disadvantage listed is that because the chair is very light, it can easily flip over, posing a relatively high risk for the safety of your child.

The second chair xlargestuff recommends is the Keet “Premium Organic Children’s Chair”. Its best price is $71.99 on Amazon. This chair also has a wooden frame which ensures its durability and it is made with a high quality organic cotton. Xlargestuff lists the advantages as being solid and handmade, therefore it is durable and because it is upholstered with an organic cotton, it is of high quality. It also comes with a free pillow. However, xlargestuff says its disadvantages are two-fold – it is hard to clean and shows up stains easily, and it is a bit pricey for what you get.

The fifth chair that xlargestuff recommend is the Emall Life “Children’s Roundy Chair Cartoon Sofa”. It comes in at $99.90 on Amazon – more expensive than the other two listed here. Xlargestuff touts this as the best toddler chair on their list, hence the high price tag, so if you have an unlimited budget and aren’t worried about the price, then this chair might be the best one to go for. It comes in seven different patterns and has durable wooden frame and legs. Xlargestuff lists its advantages as upholstered with a high density foam, and it is cozy and stylish. They couldn’t find any disadvantages with this one, except that it is a bit expensive. You pay for what you purchase, however, as they ensure that it is of excellent quality.

Xlargestuff is the go-to guru for great reviews. It’ll wipe out the time you take to find the best product, and allow you to concentrate on enjoying your purchase.