Working Out Is Easy With A High Tech Elliptical Trainer

Regardless of your fitness level and style, the right elliptical machine can help you achieve your fitness goals sooner. Two of the best Schwinn elliptical machines are the 470 and the 430. The Schwinn 470 comes with more features, but also with a higher price tag than the Schwinn 430; read all about each of them on

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The 470 elliptical machine features 29 workout programs, more than most ellipticals. It includes 12 preset workout programs, 4 customizable programs, and 2 fitness tests. The 25 levels of resistance can be adjusted in an instant due to the console and its 5 resistance quick-keys. And in case you need to adjust the incline, you will also find 5 incline quick-keys on the console.

The machine has two LCD display windows where you can read your workout data. If you are wondering why you need two screens, the answer is simple: if you place your tablet or a book inside the reading rack, this will cover the upper display window, but you can still see your data on the screen below.

You can now keep track of your data easier, as the unit comes with SchwinnConnect, which enables you to record your data via USB and upload it online, either to the SchwinnConnect website or to a fitness page. This comes in handy whenever you need some support to go on with your exercise routine. In fact, the console allows up to four different people using the machine to record and track their vitals, whereas most elliptical only allow one or two at best.

An advanced elliptical trainer like this one also comes with a series of features designed to enhance your comfort. Thus, the ergonomic handles allow your hands to move without strain, while the oversized, cushioned footplates give your feet all the comfort they need.

Perhaps the best feature of this machine, at least for those who hate being sweaty, is the built-in 3-speed fan; this way, you can cool off while working out. Moreover, the Schwinn 470 also features a bottle holder, as well as acoustic speakers and an USB port for your entertainment.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

The 430 model is better suited for beginners and intermediate users. It comes with 20 levels of resistance and 22 workout programs, which is somewhat less than the 470 version, but still more than you can find on most trainers. Like its fancier sibling, the 430 also features the same high-tech console and the USB port that enables you, among other things, to upload your workout data to SchwinnConnect. Moreover, each of its two LCD display windows is able to show 13 sets of data at the same time, rather than one by one.