What you should know about brewing coffee at home

Starting your day with a warm cup of coffee is the best way to having a better day. It has some ingredients that keep you alive and active throughout the day. Lot of people love to make their coffee on their own but doesn’t know how to go about that. This post is going to show you how you can brew coffee in your house.

Find fresh coffee bean

If you are going to brew coffee at home you must invest on getting a good coffee bean. You shouldn’t just get any coffee bean and you must ensure that you don’t get coffee bean that has been stored for months or years but freshly roasted ones. This is because coffee beans have the tendency to lose its flavour and its chemical composition can as well depreciate.

Keep out of oxygen

Coffee shouldn’t be exposed to the atmosphere because oxygen hastens its rate of depreciation. Make sure you aren’t fooled when purchasing the coffee bean about the roasted date and when it was packaged.  This will determine the quality and life span of what you are purchasing.

Get a Coffee maker

Since you have decided to make your own coffee at home, there will be a need for you to get a home coffee maker machine. You must consider the blade of the machine you want to purchase and make sure it is made of strong and durable materials that can withstand the texture of the coffee and blend easily.

Lots of coffee makers in the market have grinder that is inconsistent when it comes to grinding and this is why you have to get your coffee maker from because every of their coffee maker machine has a good blade that makes grinding of coffee beans easier for you.

Choose a quality kettle

It is advisable that you get a good kettle which will make pouring of your coffee much easier for you to do. And you can always leave the rest of your coffee in it after taking some portions.

Use clean water

The nature or the composition of your water will determine the quality of your coffee. This is why you must consider using a clean water to make your coffee. It is advisable that you use clean water and not chlorinated water with odor.

Most coffee flavor is enhanced by the type of water you used in the preparation. Therefore use a clean and tasteless water to make your coffee and start your day on a brighter mood.


Brewing your coffee at home might look so difficult in the beginning and you should be discouraged if thing doesn’t turn out good for your first trial.

You just have to make sure you have a good recipe and adequate equipment needed for brewing coffee and get more information on how to make coffee at home.

Don’t be limited to one method of brewing or making coffee at home, having two to three ways of making coffee will make you become an expert and you should be consistent with your practical till you become perfect with it.