Tips to Nail Your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is just as important as the day you tied the knot – even though it has fewer guests attending the event compared to the wedding. You need to take great care to make it stand out. Today we look at the tips that you can use to make the wedding anniversary a great event.

Know Why You Are Celebrating

Before you can do anything, you need to understand why you are holding an anniversary celebration in the first place. Are you celebrating your first, fifth or 20th anniversary? This is because each celebration comes with its special meaning to the couple.

The first anniversary is all about celebrating the first milestone – making it 1 year in marriage. It is also about encouraging each other to continue holding on to make it to another great year in marriage.

Come Up With a Budget

You need to estimate the amount you plan to use for the anniversary celebration. The celebration can be comprised of a few people, say 5, or hundreds of guests – it all depends on what you want and the budget that you have. Normally, anniversary celebrations are a quieter affair compared to wedding ceremonies.

The budget should cover everything right from getting a venue to food to the dress you will wear. Make sure every guest’s needs are catered for.

To get an effective budget, it is advisable to determine the number of people that will attend the ceremony then match your budget to their needs. Failure to estimate the number of guests can end up with excess food or less food for you and the guests.

Find a Venue

Just like at the wedding, you need to have a venue for the wedding anniversary. This is where you handle all the operations of the wedding and host your guests. You can decide to hold the anniversary at the same venue where you had the wedding, to relive the memories again.

Before you can choose a venue, you need to have a theme and stick to it when decorating the place. Check out BlueBendPhotographers for an idea of the best wedding anniversary venue.

The venue needs to be accessible to all your guests, and have enough space for everyone. Take time to check it out before you make the ultimate decision of picking it.

Make sure you book the venue in advance. Many weddings are being planned, and such venues are in high demand. Select the venue a few weeks to the date and book it so that it is reserved for that day. The good thing is that anniversaries aren’t a full-blown affair such as the wedding, so you might not have to spend a lot on the venue; you pay for just a few hours.

Get Some Music

An anniversary is a lively affair, and it is all about celebrating a milestone in the life of the couple. This is why you need to make it lively as well. Take time to come up with a playlist that you can relate to as a couple. You can get a DJ or a live music band to play the songs for you. When this happens, it is vital that you book the musician in advance.

Communicate in Advance

Humans are busy, and most of the time they don’t have the time to come and sit for hours on end unless you communicate early. Communicating in advance makes it possible for your guests to set aside the time so that they can grace your occasion.

You can send emails a few weeks before the anniversaries, followed by invitation cards, then send text messages a few days to the event. Let the guests confirm their presence on that day so that you can know the number to expect for your function.

Anniversaries are usually an affair that involves close family members and a few friends, so make sure they know what you are planning and when they need to be there. You can suggest a dress code for the day to make it more interesting.

The Bottom-line

Planning and executing a wedding anniversary successfully requires you to follow a few proven tips that have been discussed in this article.