Make Sure You Don’t Endanger Your Pet’s Health With A Faulty Cage

One of the regular problems a lot of bird owners are likely to face, is finding a decent cage for their pet. While cages might come in all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t exactly make them more or less affordable. Nowadays, you can expect a premium quality birdcage to cost very much, and since there is a good chance that you might not be able to dedicate a lot of money towards that purpose at any time, it would be a good opportunity for you to start seeking out possible alternatives that will be just as viable as your first choice, but won’t cost as much.

Safety and size go together

The most important things to consider when it comes to appropriately choosing the best kind of a birdcage for your pet is the size, along with the amount of space the bird will have. Birds have a natural need to fly regularly, so if you confine them to a very small area, they will be more likely to develop illnesses due to the fact that they can be as mobile as they are used to be. Of course, not all of your efforts should go towards finding a perfectly sized cage. Safety is also number one priority, because a dirty or an otherwise defective cage can present to be just as much of a hazard as a small one.

A lot of people wonder if buying a used cage is really a good idea. Most of them get drawn to the concept, due to the fact that used cages are known to be much cheaper than the brand-new ones, only to discover that a risk of getting a defective cage for lower price is much, much higher, and even if the cage itself is not effective in any way construction wise, it might have been used to keep a bird which has developed some kind of a transmitted disease, which might as well at a later point infect your own pet without you even knowing it. If you have to buy a used cage, make sure to clean it, inspected and disinfect it, before you let your pet move in.

Pay good attention to the bars

It is generally recommended to measure the thickness of the bars on the cage, to make sure that they cannot be easily twisted or damaged. This will help keep your bird safe even if it tries to claw or bite its way through the bars. The kinds of cages that are painted should be avoided at all costs, unless you can confirm with absolute certainty that the paint used does not contain lethal amounts of lead or zinc, which is highly unlikely. If you discovered that your cage no longer matches your décor, due to a dramatic interior change, you should not attempt to paint it with a complementary color, unless you are sure that it won’t endanger your pet’s health. To be able to purchase a decent bird cage visit Pets Sensation – most affordable parrot cages, and enjoy the selection as well as the good prices.