How to Get Your First 5,000 Followers

Times have changed so fast, and it used to be kind of easy to get your first 5,000 Instagram followers, but now you have to do more to get this figure. Previously, all you had to do was open an account, post some images and slap on a few hashtags and voila! You have 5,000 followers on your account.

It didn’t require coming up with a strategy, and it didn’t require any hard work from you. All you had to do was to post interesting content time and again and you had your 5,000. These were the golden days, and unfortunately, they aren’t there anymore.

You have to do things differently now.

Offer Outstanding Value

This is one of the best advice you will get when you decide to engage on social media. All social media channels require that you offer value to your audience to keep them engaged and hooked to your account.

It is easy – people follow you and like your content when you have something that they want. If you go too promotional, you end up losing followers as opted to get some more. You might not be offering content that the users will like or comment on at all.

Promote Your Account off Instagram

Do you know that you can have the best Instagram bio and content ever and still no one will find it because you aren’t telling the masses that it exists. It might not sound so basic and straightforward, but it turns out to be the most effective one ever.

If you wish to get your first 5,000 followers, you need to make sure you have links everywhere for people to see. Put the link on your offline and online marketing platforms. This includes your email account, brochures, flyers and more. Add some to your website as well and encourage visitors to visit your page.

Give Away Something

Make sure you give away something of value in return for a comment or a like. This requires you to come up with something that you can offer the audience. For this to work effectively, you need to take time and give spend money on something that you give away to the people.  The thing you give away should be so good that people wish to give something in return.

The result is that you attract a whole deal of new followers who will soon become your followers. You can connect to the audience the right way by providing great content. Over time you will get a solid pipeline of followers and customers willing to engage with you.

Buy Followers

You can easily grow your audience and engage at a better level when you buy followers for your account. Take time to get the perfect package so that you don’t waste your money or get followers that don’t help your cause.

Connect With Your Audience

There is nothing better than connecting to your audience at a deeper level. To do this, you need to know what kind of information appeals to the audience and how you can deliver it the right way. For instance, tell stories that give the people an insight into what you do as a business. Make the connection personal, and you have a winner strategy.

Give people a peek into your brand, you and your staff. Don’t try too hard to be perfect – remain authentic.

Final Words

It takes time and tack to get the right followers for your needs. A few years ago, it took a few weeks to get your first 5,000 Instagram followers, but things have changed, and you need to put in more effort to get to this point.

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