High-Resolution Ink Jet Printers

Many companies wish to stop using labels on outer case coding and print directly onto the cases. This is done with a high-resolution printer. There are many options available when considering purchasing a printing system. When thinking about purchasing a high-resolution laser printer it is important to consider the benefits it will have compared to other types of printing systems available on the market. There are many benefits to having this printer. Selecting a high-resolution printer as a coding solution should offer simplicity, reliability and consistency.

These are the main benefits of high-resolution inkjet printers:

Low cost of operation

The initial investment of purchasing a laser printer may be expensive. However, the operation costs are low. This is because the machine does not require consumables and can help to reduce inventory scrap and waste by using the inkjet codes to cases and cartons which eliminates the need for preprinted boxes and labels.  It is an ideal choice for permanently marking. The printer will etch codes onto the selected material.

Therefore it is a cost-saving alternative to preprinted labels or boxes.

It is a non-contact process to print the information on the selected materials. This means there are less wear and tear on the machine.  The machines are robust and built to last with a long operation lifespan. This means the machine can operate for many hours without the need of constant service, again saving you money. 

Flexible use

Print heads offer in a number of sizes to meet a vanity of printing applications. The print head design makes this coding and marking system ideal for industrial applications. The system is common in the pharmaceutical, food, wood, paper and packaging industries.

High-resolution industrial inkjet printers offer a flexible printing solution for marking on corrugated porous substrates. They can be used to print alphanumeric code barcodes and logos.

High productivity:

These printers can add barcodes and lines of text at high speed. This will depend on the text size and length along with the type of substrate being printed on.

Easy to operate:

These printers are very easy to use. The printers interface can enable the printing of auto codes such as the date and time. The printer can easily be connected and integrated to existing systems.

As you can see there are many benefits of purchasing a high-resolution laser printer.