4 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Over time, even the once fabulous-looking décor loses its shimmer. The once beautiful roses wither and die, and new ones have got to be born. In the same way, you know it’s time to change the décor when you no longer find your living room inviting.  So, how do you turn that living room from blah into fantastic? Here are 4 creative changes to help you revamp that space.

1. Repaint the walls

Dan Benedict, a designer of Benedict August, says ‘’no one can deny the transformative power of a new coat of paint.’’ A statement that most designers agree with. Re-painting will dramatically change your livings rooms outlook.

According to psychologists, color reflects your personality and has a dramatic effect on your moods so you must choose wisely. For example, colors found in nature such as leaf green and sky blue have a calming effect on people. Bolder colors such as reds have a stimulating effect while the yellows have an uplifting effect.

You can play around with some different shades and textures of colors to create desirable effects. Select a vibrant shade that adds character and personality to your living room during the day and one that feels snuggly warm and cozy at night.

2. Rearrange the furniture

Never underestimate the power of simple ideas. Rearranging the furniture in your living room will give your living room a new look. As you re-plan your living room, be very objective. Remember, if your living room is small, your furniture layout should be in such a way that it creates an illusion of space and vice versa. Get rid of all the clutter in the living room- this includes furniture that you don’t need.

3. Introduce some marine life into your house

A creative yet brilliant idea that presents myriad options and benefits. In case you’re into Feng Shui, you have probably heard that placing an aquarium in your home will bring you money luck. Well… this is for those who are into Feng Shui.

If you love facts, here is something you’ll find interesting.

Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D., says that fish tanks in the house help reduce anxiety and stress by bringing the calming effects of nature. Same thing live plants and flowers do to your house. According to Dr. Schwartz, aquariums have soothing effects, similar to the experience we get when we listen to the sound of running streams, or the ocean waves or the rain storms.

To create a beautiful nostalgic effect using the aquarium, choose some LED lights for it from The lights will make the aquarium look magical, and lights will reflect back to your living room to create a wow effect.

4. Switch Up Your Accessories

The knickknacks, accessories and table displays that you use in the living room are super effective ways to transform the vibe of that space.  You’d be surprised how something as simple as adding a band of cute fabric can quickly spice up your curtains and the overall décor as a result. How about you change the couch cushions covers to match the new curtain bands…This would create an instant tied-together color scheme; quick and inexpensive. For the accessories on the walls, reposition them or replace them with new ones and watch the difference that will make to your living room.

With décor ideas, it’s the simple things that count.