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Tips to Starting Your Own Retro Gaming Collection

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Tips to Starting Your Own Retro Gaming Collection

Are you a gamer who’s missing the appeal of retro gaming systems? Remember good old Nintendo and Saga? Have modern games lost their excitement to you because of how predictable they’ve become? Despite the fact that modern technology has helped us make leaps and bounds in gaming, there are some people who’ve developed a hobby of playing retro games. Did you know that that was even a thing? Aside from it being a hobby, did you know that video games can be good for you?

If this interests you, this article will help guide you on what you need to start your own retro gaming collection. In addition to the tips mentioned in the guide below, you can find reviews of the best retro gaming systems at Retro Pool.

Avoid 16-Bit or Older Consoles for Sega and Nintendo

Most people often always want to start their gaming collection with a MegaDrive or SNES, and their corresponding consoles. If you were thinking along the same lines, then it is important for you to know that that option would be a very expensive one. The Sega MegaDrive is the better option between the two because it is cheaper. However, it still remains costly as compared to other available options on the market. For this reason, you are advised against choosing a 16-bit console and recommended to choose a 5th or 6th generation console instead.

With the older consoles, it is cheaper to get the hardware and games, and you could easily find them readily available on the market. Examples of 5th generation games include Nintendo 64, Amiga CD32, Sega Saturn, 3DO, and PlayStation. Examples of the 6th generation games include PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube.

Looking at the examples of the 5th and 6th generation, you can already see how you can get good enough options for a gaming system. This means that you can build a relatively decent-sized retro gaming system in a short period of time.

Make Use of Facebook Market Groups

If you are not already on this giant social media platform called Facebook, you need to sign up soon. Join groups geared towards retro gaming and you’ll find that some of these groups are public, while others are private. Once you’re approved to join the groups you will be part of a community of likeminded individuals such as yourself. Better yet, you can also join market groups on Facebook that focus on retro gaming systems. Market groups work where someone posts an item they are selling and if you are interested in it, you comment on the post, or inbox the seller, if that option is available. You’d be surprised at the great finds you can get online.

Visit Local Car Boot or Yard Sales

This may seem obvious but it is still a necessary option. People are always looking to get rid of unwanted or unused stuff they have lying around the house, including old video games or consoles. This option is great if you have just started out building your retro gaming collection. Later, once your collection is sizeable, you’ll find that you’ve easily outgrown this option.

Befriend Employees at Local Video Game Stores

Having a friend who works at a local video game store does have its perks. One is that you will always get first-hand info on when a retro game is available for purchase. That friend can also give you tips on when the next sale will be on. Furthermore, if you’ve been looking around for a particular game with no luck, your friend at the video store can always be on the lookout for you, and let you know when that particular game is next available.

Visit Gaming Events Near You

Form a habit of visiting gaming events happening near you. This is because, most of these events also include retro games and with luck, you can find a retro game you’ve been long looking for. It is also a great place to socialize and play games with other like-minded individuals like yourself.

Armed with the great tips offered in this guide, you are well on your way to building the retro gaming collection of your dreams.