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Perfume Perfection: A Whiff For Your Nose

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Since the dawn of time, men and women have been disguising or enhancing their natural scent with different types of perfume. Over the years, perfume has also been used to improve the odor of animals, food, living areas, and other items. The familiar glass bottles containing different pleasant-smelling liquids have become traditional gifts between spouses and status symbols among the elite. These little bottles represent so much more than scent. Plenty of time is spent on doing hair, finding outfits to wear, or choosing accessories to fit your fashions, but it is just as important to apply a fine aroma on yourself that captures your personality and delights the senses.

Perfume’s Past

From the Latin term per fumare, meaning “through smoke”, perfume has been adding that extra spice to daily life for thousands of years. Perfume’s initial fragrances were a blend of animal or plant products and contained rich oils. In ancient times, perfumes consisted of herbs and spices like flowers, almonds, and myrrh to name a few. A female Mesopotamian perfume maker by the name of Tapputiis considered to be the first recorded chemist in the world, dating back to tablets found from 1200 BC. As overseer of the Mesopotamian Royal Palace, Tapputi was an influential figure and passed along her methods and techniques for scent extraction and solvent use.

Another early adopter of the joy of perfume was the Indus civilization in India. Ancient Hindu texts describe the distillation of an essential oil called ittar, and a terracotta distillation setup discovered in the Indus valley was found to date back to 3000 BC. Archeologists continue to find confirmation of perfume’s usage all over the ancient world, with the planet’s most aged surviving perfumes discovered in Pyrgos on the island of Cyprus. They were unearthed in a huge, ancient perfumery factory that operated on an industrial scale over 4000 years ago, containing around 60 stills, perfume bottles, mixing bowls, and funnels. Perfume was further refined by Islamic cultures, as it was used in religious practices with the spread of Islam through the Middle East. As a result of trade and returning crusaders, knowledge of perfumery reached Europe and eventually the entire Western world.

The Art of Perfume

Perfume is a profound and complicated art. Although the search for the right perfume can be a challenge, it is worth the effort because Your Scent is Your Signature. Finding the right perfume isn’t about visiting the perfume counter. It is about searching and discovering the scent that appeals most to you. The hunt may take a day, weeks, months, or even years until you find the one that fits your desire and matches your personality anytime of the season. Perfume is unique to everyone in the way they wear it and why. You may decide to wear perfume when trying to impress others, to make yourself feel pampered, or even simply to cover your natural aroma when you wake up late for work without any time to shower.

Perfume Points

Regardless of the reason you chose it, wear your favorite scent proudly. The effect that perfume can have on all senses is truly remarkable. Here are a few facts about perfume to waft through your brain next time you’re spraying your preferred aroma.

  • Overall Mood Enhancer. Perfume’s precise smells can get you into any mood. Choosing the perfume you want to wear on a particular occasion reflects your current disposition and indicates the attitude you want to portray. Wearing a perfume that gives that impression will help you achieve that mood faster. All it takes is just a quick splash to get it going.
  • Moisturizing Lotion. It is better to apply moisturizing lotion before spraying perfumes, so go ahead and use your favorite lotion. Perfume adheres better when skin is hydrated and moisturized, holding the fragrance in longer.
  • Get More Out. Expand the whiff of your perfume and get more out of your bottle with this handy suggestion. Rather than spraying all over your body, only apply the perfume on your pulse points. This is where blood vessels are adjacent to the skin, diffusing heat and benefitting the longevity of your fragrance. You can make the bottle last longer if you spray on your inner elbows and the base of your neck.
  • Different Scents for Different Folks. The exact same perfume can smell different on others than on you. When perfume is mixed with your skin, the scent is altered compared to another individual. This is because of factors such as the environment, body chemistry, your sweat, and even your diet.

There are plenty of scents and many options to choose from when it comes to perfume. There are perfumes for every situation you can imagine – from work to romancing – that will boost your personal warmth and self-confidence. If you’re feeling intimate and going on a date or a romantic walk, there are so many blends available including spring waters, flowers, fruits, sweet coffee, vanilla, and even spicy or sweet. The perfect perfume is guaranteed to enlighten a memory or a particular feeling when you bring the appropriate smell to your senses.