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Flaxseeds: Small Yet Packed With Nutrients

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Flaxseeds Small Yet Packed With Nutrients

You may have seen these controversial flaxseeds quite often whenever you shop in the market. Perhaps you may be wondering why people purchase them or what its purpose is. Well, there are upsides to flaxseed consumption, particularly with regards to its nutritional value. Here are a few of the benefits of adding these babies to your diet:

Decreases Craving and Relieves Constipation

Flaxseeds are efficient in relieving constipation since these are mostly dietary fiber. Such nutrients aid in bulking stool and helps it absorb water, thus making it easier to defecate. Another advantage would be its ability to satisfy hunger since water causes the fiber to inflate in the stomach, making you feel full. Thus, you will eat less food, and also gain less weight. Overall, the flaxseed makes your digestive system much healthier than it would be without consuming it.


Unlike bread or other gluten-containing grains, flaxseeds are gluten-free. Thus, people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity will not be harmed by flaxseed intake. Furthermore, that makes this specific grain quite great for various cooking recipes. For example, you can use it along with coconut flour, add them as toppings, or you may throw these into your smoothies. If you require a blender to mix these with other food, then check out to select from the best.

Lower Cholesterol

If you add flax seeds into your diet, you may even decrease cholesterol levels in the body. If you are wondering how it works, well, the soluble fiber of flaxseeds can wrap around fatty acids as well as cholesterols. Thus, these molecules will not be absorbed by the body and instead excreted. Furthermore, cholesterol from bile in the gallbladder goes through the same process, reducing your body’s overall cholesterol levels.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Another health aspect of flaxseed is its low carbohydrate content which is quite appreciated by enthusiasts. Not only does low carbohydrate make you less fat, but it also stabilizes your blood sugar since it will not rise drastically. Consequently, you will not experience sudden drops in energy levels after eating them, unlike when you eat food with high carbohydrate content.


Flaxseeds live up to the people’s expectations thanks to their health benefits. Such positive effects include possible weight loss, constipation relief, gluten-free, lowered cholesterol, and stable blood sugar upon intake. So, are you quite interested in adding flaxseeds into your diet now? It is only natural that people, including you, consume healthier products.