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The Use of Identification Cards in Different Industries

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Identification cards are practically a necessity in any industry. Each industry has a different way of using these basic yet vital documents both for identification and security purposes. The process of identification has advanced over the past few years and industries can now confidently bank upon the benefits of these cards to secure their resources and data. Let us look at the use of these cards in different industries.

Company Security

For starters, you can create these cards for the simple purpose of identification. Photo ID badges make it easy for managers and security personnel to verify the legality of employees moving around the facility. Technological advances have made these IDs easy to use with security clearances and access control especially to sensitive areas in the company.  You can vary the design so that you define the type of clearance each person has.

You can have ID cards for your visitors and customers. Each visitor gets verified before receiving the access card, which means every person in the facility can be identified at any time.

Another feature that you can incorporate into the company ID card is the time tracking option. You can integrate the system in such a way that the employee uses the card to punch in and out. This is one of the easiest ways to monitor the work behavior of your employees.

The Entertainment Industry

Today, towns and cities are populated to the extent that security has become one of the major concerns. You might not know the person who lives next door. One industry that is receiving a lot of human traffic is the entertainment industry. With the increase in the number of people comes an increase in security risks.

If you have ever attended a major concert then you have an idea of what I mean. These venues can get rowdy because of the large number of people at the same venue at the same time. When this happens, management has to worry about the security of this large number of high-paying patrons. One of the top security measures is to prevent just anyone from accessing the area that has your visitors. For starters, you can have backstage passes for only the chosen few to gain access.

The safety of the performers has to be taken into consideration as well. Fans can easily wreak havoc to a perfect entertainment event if security isn’t taken seriously. You can use VIP passes for this purpose to prevent unauthorized wanderers from accessing the area.

Other entertainment spots can design cards for customers for rewards. For instance, you can use the identification cards to give your customers points that they can redeem at a later date.

The Retail Industry

Retail stores can use identification cards and badges for their employees. They can also use them as loyalty and gift cards.

You can give each new employee an identification card to use for clocking in or out. This gives you an exact record of the time the employee is in or out of the premises. It also eliminates the need to use time cards, which also saves you on paperwork.

Using identification badges for your retail store employees makes it easy for your customers to relate to the employees personally. Apart from making the customer know that the employee works there, they can also track down an employee whenever they have a complaint or compliment.

You can print loyalty cards complete with a picture of the customer on it. This is a kind of reward program that works by use of points. The customer receives points whenever he or she makes a purchase. Use these cards to give your customers discounts, which promote customer loyalty.


There is an abundance of money in casinos and gaming establishments. Where there are a lot of people and money, security becomes a major concern. At the prime of this is the issue of identification. One of the top needs in such establishments is identification of employees.

Today’s gaming and casino establishments are multifunctional facilities that have lounges, hotels, entertainment complexes, restaurants and more. This means that the establishment employs so many workers in the different departments. Using identification cards makes it easy to single out the employees and have a way to control access to sensitive areas of the establishment. The IDs can also help with employee monitoring.

These establishments have several sensitive areas that need access control. These include money counting rooms and cashier offices.


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