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Using a Treadmill to Prepare for a Race

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So, the annual town marathon is coming up and you need to be at your best to defend your title. Last year you prepared for the marathon by running kilometer upon kilometer on a physical trail, which was before you got a job. Now all you have to do is use an indoor treadmill for the task. Do you think you can still have the same level of fitness to take the glory the second year running? Let’s see how you can achieve such a feat.

Choose the Right Treadmill

Before you can take another step, you need the right equipment. You need to choose the right treadmill depending on your budget and the level of fitness you wish to achieve. Check out the incline and decline capability, the track size, durability and programming before making the decision. Read this here to get an idea of what you need for starters.

The treadmill should make sure you get the fitness you desire while staying comfortable. It should be able to give you the tilt that you want so that you can burn the calories that you had accumulated over the past few months.

Come Up With a Training Schedule

You need to come up with a schedule for attaining your fitness. You can do this on your own or consult a professional who will sit with you and come up with the best regimen that will leave you fit before the competition.

The regimen ought to take into consideration the task at hand and the time you have available for exercise. If you are an early riser, you can use the first 1 hour to get some exercise in, and add another hour in the evening. However, this regimen will change as the competition nears.

If you don’t have an option to get a training schedule, you can use the built-in workout program that comes with the treadmill. You can use the inbuilt fitness tests to know your progress.

Watch Out for Injury

As a runner, you expect to take a beating pound by pound, mile by mile from the environment, the track and well, and the other runners who make you seem as if you haven’t been training at all. Training outdoors on the rough tails is prone to cause injury to your legs. You might end up missing the competition altogether.

Home treadmills come with some sort of shock-absorption system that will absorb most of the impact, therefore protecting your feet from injury. This can help you train more and rake in more miles as compared to training outdoors.

The benefits of this shock absorption system also come into play when you injure yourself during the training sessions. When you get injured, you don’t have to necessarily stop running. This equipment is more suitable for nursing injuries as a result of training.

Some of the injuries athletes face come from the harsh weather they have to practice in. this is eliminated when you use a treadmill. You can train in an environment that is the perfect temperature and dry all the time. This allows you to execute long runs.

Keep Boredom at Bay

You might get bored doing the same thing over and over again. You need an exciting distraction. If your iPod isn’t keeping the boredom at bay, you can use the entertainment options that come with most treadmills. You can watch a movie or browse social media sites as you rake in the miles.

Mimic the Route

Most of the routes you use to train for a competition don’t mimic the real route of the race. You won’t be able to find hills and steep slopes especially if you live in an urban setting. The treadmill gives you the power to simulate any setting you desire; all you have to do is to adjust the incline and the decline depending on the need.

Run to Glory

When it comes to races, exercise is everything. You need to be ready for the race, whatever the case. The first step is to get the right equipment. You need a home treadmill that will make sure you regain your fitness level even with your busy schedule. The treadmill ought to fit your training requirements and come with entertainment features, a range of workout programs and a supreme shock absorption system.